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I got the idea for Fanfic challenges from a email list I belonged to that had one.  In fact one of the chellenges below is from that list, only modified for the beatles.  To enter the challenge you have to follow the directions (some of them have word requirements) and email it to me.  The subject should have the title of the challenge and inside you should include your name, email and if you want that displayed as well as a rating.
Jessi and Jenny.

1.  Kilt Challenge (modified from Kiss group)
Directions:  write a short story that involves a beatle wearing a kilt or something simular. (Ex.  Skirt, towel, etc)
2.  George gets pushed though a time portal from 1964 to now.  How is he going to deal with it?
Directions: must be longer then 100 words, otherwise you can do what you want.
3.  The above challenge, but with another Beatle and fan.
Alright, that is all I have for now, but if you have any ideas for challenges email the ideas and I shall put them online with credit for you.