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That you are obssesed.

I would like to thank the following people for making some up for me....Britney, Jackie L., Addie B., and Rachel. If you have any ideas, send them to me and I'll put them up here.

~*~ You name all your animals, Children, and inanimate objects after them
~*~ You belive that they live in your room
~*~ You belive that the National Anthem is Hey Jude
~*~ You can relate all your conversations to them
~*~ You belive that you have had meaningful conversations with them although you have never had contact.
~*~ You call someone named James, Paul
~*~ When your conformation name is after a beatle and not a saint.
~*~ You belive you are the reincarntation of John Lennon and so is the person beside you
~*~ You think Paul ans John were one of the diciples.
~*~ You think your boyfriend is one of them
~*~ You make everyone shut up whenever a song of thiers comes on even if it is the last three secounds.
~*~ You are at a resteraunt and start singing with the radio music when they come on
~*~ your AIM name is related to them
~*~ You make sure all other groups that you like, like them. If they don't, you stop listening to them
~*~ You hate it when they call N*sync or BSB the *FAB FIVE*
~*~You think you are related to one or more of them and you really are not.
~*~You think that Everyone is a fan and if they are not, they are a alien species.
~*~You look up all their songs on the internet to see if there is an website named after it.(ex.
~*~ You imagie yourself as Yoko's long lost Cousin and Hope she'll call one day and introduce you to Paul so he can fall for you and whisk you away to his farm in Scotland
~*~If someone mentions a John,Paul, or a George, you automatically think that they are talking about a beatle(If they mention ringo...thats ovious)
~*~ You act like an Eggman or a Walrus.
~*~ You belonged to Charles Manson's cult and belived that they were gods.
~*~ You don't belong to CM cult but still think they are gods.
~*~ you go to a store and think you see John in the Parking lot
~*~You think that your music teacher has to have a lession on them alone
~*~You paint one wall to look like the sign for abby road
~*~ You have the face painter's paint a yellow submarine on your cheek
~*~ You imagine the Beatles playing the lead in almost every movie you watch.
~*~You write Fanfiction
~*~You believe that Paul lives next door*but he really doesn't...It is just Mr. McPherson*
~*~ You got your mother to think Paul lives next door.
~*~ If a group likes the beatles, they raise themselves on your list of bands.
~*~ You like KISS just because there are simularities (drummer named Peter, Paul stanley, AcenFrehley's real name is Paul)
~*~You get your behind tattooed with thier signiture
~*~You think you are the reincarnation of George Harrison
~*~You think the person next to you is.
~*~ You changed your religen because none of the beatles believed it.
~*~ You become an Anglophile and love everything British because of them.
~*~ You sent emails to movie theaters asking them if they are showing AHDN when it was in theaters and became upset when they said they were not
~*~ You get mad when the BSB are called the "Fab Five"
~*~ You get mad when a countdown on tv or the radio doesn't include the Beatles (solo or not) even if they don't qualify for what the countdown was about.
~*~ You celebrate their birthdays and make your family and friends join you.
~*~You change your name so it is one of the Beatles.  If your a girl it's Georgia, Joan, Paula and Regina.