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So ye wanted to get linked to me page do ye? Well, you came to the right page!

First you have to have a site. You do?. Good. Now you have to pass the requirements.

1. It has to be a *pro* beatle site. I am not going to link to a site that is going to totally dis them. This site is a pro-beatle site and so will be the pages it is linked to. Now if you site has both the pro and anti-beatle stuff you can apply. At least you have some pro-beatle stuff.

2. If I link you I would apreciate it if you would please link me. This way you bring more traffic to your site and to others as well as mine and we all do good in the end.

3. No offensive nature. No porn pix etc.

4.Most have somethign on the beatles. I am not going to link a Backstreet Boy website to a beatle page.

5. You must sign the quest book. I want to see what you thought about my site. Besides, it is nice to do.

Ok, you say, you know you passed that. now what? Well follow these directions.
1. go to the "Contact Me" Page"
2. send email with your name, website title, url, and brief description. If sending fanfiction add Story title and url and brief description and a rating. If you have a banner in JPEG, JPG, or GIF format, send that along as well.
3. In subject heading put what you want. If sending in website link put "Website link" if sending fanfiction link put "Fanfiction" if both put "Link"
4.Wait for my notification that I have accepted your site to be added and then check for it on the site.

Thank you,
Lady Beth