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*Clears dust away from site and enters to edit*

Wow.  It's been a long time hasn't it.  Sorry about that...didn't mean to be gone so long.  If anything, blame high school for keeping me away.  Thanks for the reviews.  They mean alot to me.

Now onto the updates

  1. The Banners Page has been discontinued for the time being.  This is because of problems with the content on that page.  Once I get better quality banners and pageprotecters you will see this page full again
  2. Home page message was changed
  3. Update page was changed *duh...*
  4. I have added more features to Beatles Gold.  There is now a Email list for Beatles Gold and it is open to everyone.
  5. I have added more signs to the Signs page. Not too inventive I know but Aleast it is something
  6. I finally have Please Please Me lyrics up online.  *Cheers*
  7. I fixed the contact page so My email address is working.
  8. I added the HELP! page
  9. I Have a poll for what should be added next


Notes about Changes:

If you have asked to be considered for the Beatles Gold and I have not contacted you yet, please re-submit your site to or