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"..Nothing is real.."


Welcome to the Land of the Fiction Strawberries. Many authors plant the links to the stories here so have fun picking them. I have read the majority of them and have added them because I think they are some of the best out there. Also some have been recommanded so they are here as well. If you have a link to a fanfiction or want to be hosted on the site, please go to the Link Me! page and follow the instructions.

I would like to thank the Beatles Fan Fiction list as well as the Beatle Lovers club for there submissions. There is a link to the BLC on the links page.

Lady Beth

Sandi's Fan Fiction

A young American girl discovers love with a certain Liverpudlian, but that's not all she discovers!
*Won "Best John Romance" in "The Beatles Summer 2000 Fan Fiction Awards"*

A college student, working at The Plaza Hotel in February 1964, gets the chance to meet The Beatles and becomes very close to one of them!

This story begins in June 1958 and features 15 year Katherine Thornton, who is in Liverpool visiting her aunt and grandma. Her life is never the same after she meets 17 year old John Lennon.

This story begins on February 3,1959 and is the sequel to "I Saw Him Standing There." See above for synopsis. It is recommanded that you read that one first, then read this one!

This continues the story of "Winnie and Kittie" Again it is recomanded you read the series in order.

The continued Winnie and Kitty Saga. Now that they are married, will the future look bright? Or will the bumps in the road tear them apart?

Sandi goes to New York and meets an interesting person in Central Park. The story takes place December 1980.

Samantha is asked by a friend to help her house-sit. When the pets get loose, they met thier next door nieghbors, things explode.

A short, romantic story set in July 1963 where John meets the woman of his dreams on the beach at Weston-super Mare.

The love story of John and Cynthia Lennon, told from Cyn's point of view.

~~*raynewater*~~ Fan Fiction

Emma James moves to a new city where she doesn't know anyone. It is in this city that she meets a group of people who change her life in every possible way. Stuart and John are her best friends and she thought Paul was "the one." But a move to New York City and a tragic death pulls everyone apart. Will they ever meet again?? Read to find out!

Lady Beth's Fanfiction


John Lennon leads his best friends Anastasia McCartney, George Harrison and Richie Starkey to fame as the rock band Alantica. They are the children of another band, The Beatles. They go though alot together and True love is found, but could it last. COULD THEY LAST???

From the works of Allison Triggs.....