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As I sat alone at my desk in the back of the room I stared out of the window. I didn't really have many friends. I was only 17. Somepeople would think
that you'd have PLENTY of friends at that age, but that was different for me since I was an orphan. No one really wanted to be around me. They'd all say "Look! It's that girl who "speaks" to ghosts." Sounds stupid. But being 17
and living in the year 2001 it wasn't easy to be the only one who has a "strange" ability. But I KNOW I could speak to them. I felt there pain, sorrow madness, everything. I would sit up in "my" room and just talk to them. They were the only ones who understood me. But knew my
pain. Loosing my mum only a short while ago by someone with a handgun cause
she wouldn't give out her money. My Dad, he left when I was only 3. Mum didn't feel right raising me. So she sent me to the orphanage. All the older kids around my age didn't like talking to me. They thought I was too weird. But "He" Didn't. He was always waiting for me at lunch. He didn't care what the people thought of him. He thought my "Ability" was something special. He could understand it cause he himself could do it. So I wasn't alone.
He was a lanky guy. Small framed but very handsome. He had a kind of Unibrow and beautiful hazel eyes. Ones that would take you into another world. He and I talked constantly. One day, he said he loved me. But then I got a furious chill up my back. That's when he fell into my arms. A knife lodged in his back and a ominus black figure standing above me.
"WHY!? Why! He never did ANYTHING to you!"
"Because. He was a freak. Just like you are. You'll join your "Boyfriend" soon enough." I held the limp figure in my arms cradling his head in my hands speaking to him softly
"Jay, Jason please stay with me. Open yer eyes, squeeze my hand PLEASE something!" To my amazment he was still alive. He looked up at me his eyes glazed over but still that bright Hazel.
"He says he's not taking me yet. There not ready for me Jennette. He's standing over us right now. Behind you"
That's when I felt his hand on my shoulder. I could hear his voice go through my head at faster than the speed of light.
"You'll be alright. I promise."
"Who are you bloody talkin to you WITCH! He'll die in a matter of minutes! and YOU shall join him!" He laughed. He laughed hard and low. His voice felt like a knife. I looked over at him. His eyes a bright brown. Holding the knife. The knife that went into Jason.
"I'LL GET YOU YA BURK!" I said to his face. That's when he grabbed my arm and yanked me up away from Jason. I looked over at Jason laying there and "Him" holding onto him gently saying it's alright speaking to him softly in
his Liverpudlian voice.
"Lemme go! Stop it! Lay offa me!"
"Stupid girl, no one in this orphanage wants you! Your here cause of yer bloody mum and dad bein dead! They never loved you either!
"Yes they did! My parents loved me! They told me I was special! That I had someone waiting for me later in life!"
"Well, yer parents were stupid then too!" He then brought his hand over his head and slaped me across the face Causing me fall to the ground at his feet. He then grabed my hair, tightly pulling at it
"NO STOP! STOP! YOUR HURTING ME! STOP LEMME GO!" That's when the Orphanage manager came out and saw what's been going on.
"JOEL! LET HER GO!" She game running over and grabbed Joel by the arm twisting it behind his back making Joel scream out in pain. "Ya like that don'tcha?
"No, Ma'am"
"What?" She then twisted it only a bit more harder making sure he's squirming and groveling at her mercy
"Mercy! MERCY!" That's when she let him go and he fell to his knees crying holding his arm that she twisted violently I somehow get back up with a little help from "Him" and go back over to Jason to make sure he was still with me and I grab his hand in mine hoping I'm not
too late
"Jason, Jason if your still here squeeze my hand" Thankfully he did so and opened his eyes a bit looking at me, his breathing heavy and somewhat labored
"Do....don't leave me." I say in near tears. Just then I look up and I see a man in a black suit come running over and he kneels next to me "Jason, Jason luv. Please hang on."
"Mrs. Symansky, get a doctor. Hopefully, Jason'll be alright."
"Right" So she runs off and goes to get a doctor leaving me with the man in black and "him" above me.
"Wh.....Who are you?" I said in a near tremble.
"Dhani. My dad just found out he had a second son from his first marrige."
"You mean?" I look at Jason then back at Dhani and I just notice the resemblance
"Uh huh, He's my half brother. He looks ALOT like dad."
I turned around and I then felt someones arms go around me holding me. When I looked up and saw "Him" staring at me
"You! Your!?"
"Yes, Jennette. I'm solid"
"But? But How!"
"I'm a ghost. I can do whatever I please whenever I please." That's when I started to cry uncontrollably in his arms. I couldn't deal with all that had just happend and I just cried. I cried for what seemed like a
lifetime till I heard the ambulance pull up. "He" looked at me and lifted my chin up and looked at me with his dark brown eyes "I must go now Jenny. I'll still be with you and beable to talk to you. But I must let you realize what's going to go on. I'm always going to be your
guardian angel. Please take care of Jason. You and him are very special to eachother. Don't EVER forget that."
With that said, I looked at him, not saying a word crying in his arms. He put one finger to my lips and leaned close to me and kissed me on my lips and then disappeared
Needless to say I stood there, dumbfounded forgetting about everything around me and I heared his voice again.
"Jennette, you're my sunshine. I must thank you for understanding me and not giving up when you were delt bad cards in your life. You've found your soulmate and reunited
him with his family. He's the son of a dear friend of mine. Please make sure you go with Dhani. You'll be fine Jennette. I promise.
"But....John! Don't go!"
"I must my little princess.....I'm not leaving you permanently. I'll always be with you. Your mum and dad would be proud of you Jennette."
"I hope so. You'll ALWAYS be in my heart John"
"And you'll Always be in mine." With that he disappears and I'm left alone with Dhani and Jason so I went back to Jason holding his hand, and saw him on the stretcher being put into the ambulance
"Jennette, did he?"
"Yes, He's still watching over us though Jason."
"Good, I know he is. Dhani?"
"Yes, Jason?"
"Can Jennette come with us?" Dhani, looks over at me and smiles back at Jason
"Sure she can. I think Dad'll like her."
"Gear" So the paramedics put Jason in the ambulance with me following him and Dhani behind me putting a hand on my shoulder
"He'll be alright. Jennette. He's like dad." I look at Dhani and Smile at him happily
"I know." So with that Dhani, Jason and Myself go to the hospital and Jason luckily recovered from the knife act.
George Harrison got a new son in Jason, and a
year later Jason and I get Married and lived happily. But both of us never forget about John and do talk to him but we also realize that he protects us making sure were safe and he brought us together. Never leaving us!

The End

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