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Put It There


As a familier face looked out into the dark night on the beach he felt a cool wind touch his cheeks as he stood on the porch of his Arizona home. His Face wet from crying he looked out seeing nothing but green grass trees and
pretty pink yellow and red flowers in Linda's garden. The kids are asleep he thought as he stood there alone looking out into the moon lit April night.
He knew Linda was getting weaker. But unfortunetly he didn't want to believe it. The Same disease that took his mother Oh so long ago was back to claim the love of his life. James Paul McCartney who was 55 has had to deal
with many Deaths. His mother when he was only 14, his father when he was only 36, his dear friend John when he was 39, and now he'd loose the love of his Life Linda. He couldn't take it. Loosing so many people. He was mad,
upset, and just plain tired of loosing so many people he dropped to his knees pounded his fists on the ground and screamed out loud.
"What're ya talkin bout Macca?"
Paul turned around tears clouding his vision as he looked up and saw a young and very fit John Lennon standing infront of him with his hands on his hips and a cheeky smile on his face
John: "So what're you talkin bout Macca??"
Paul still wide eyed and Jaw dropped said nothing and only stared at John for what seemed like ages was only about 5 minutes before John snapped his fingers infront of Pauls Face.
John: Wakey Wakey! Time for school!
Paul: Huh!? Wha? ::Looks at John and Stands up:: Is that you!?
John: Yep! Who else would it be!? Mother Mary!? Oh wait, sorry mate.
Paul: ::Wipes his eyes:: Oh, it's alright mate. Yeah, So, What' umm?
John: You know why unfortunetly. ::Puts a hand on his shoulder::
Paul, gives John a knowing look but John sees in his eyes that he doesn't want Linda to go yet.
John: ::Sits next to Paul:: She'll be in good hands Paulie.
Paul, hearing this shivers a bit as John puts a hand on Pauls shoulder.
Paul: I, I know. I.....I just.....
Paul not able to get the words out starts to tear up and he puts his head in his hands and starts to sob uncontrolably
John: Shhhhh, It's alright Paulie. I know what ya wanna say. Shhhhhhhhh. It's just me Paulie. It's just me yer mate John.
As the two men from LiverPool sit on the step Paul cried on John's shoulder for what seemed to be hours when it was only minutes. Paul suddenly looked up and saw his lovely wife Linda standing above him looking out into the moonlit desert. Paul looked up insurprise and stood up and held Lindas' hand.
Paul: Lin, yer supposed to be sleeping.
Linda: I know Paul, but I couldn't because you weren't next to me.
Paul: Oh Lin......
Linda, then hugs Paul not wanting to let go because she's afraid that when she does she'll loose him

Paul puts his arms around Linda sitting next to a silent John who in turn put a hand on Linda's shoulder and smiled sweetly
Linda: Oh Paul, I thought I had it beat. I thought the cancer would go away. But I was wrong. It's so hard Paul.
Paul: Lin, you're one of the strongest most inspirational persons I could've ever fallen in love with. Your the best girl I could have. We raised four wonderful kids. They think the world of you.

And just as he said that the sun started to come up in the distance as Linda layed her head on Pauls shoulder and heard tiny footsteps starting to come from the inside of the house out. Paul turned around and smiled as he saw
Heather Mary Stella and James all standing above him and Linda and the transparent John who just sat there with a hand on Linda's shoulder. All
four kids sat around there mother and hugged her telling her house much each of them loved her. When it was Pauls turn he turned to Linda and he looked right into her eyes and held her in his arms. John, stood next to Paul now
putting a hand on his shoulder almost crying himself, (even though angels can't cry) John was tearing up because he saw the hurt and anguish in Paul's eyes as Paul started to unfortunetly say "Good-Bye" to the love of his life.

Paul: It's a Beautiful Spring Day, Your up on your Beautiful Appaloosa Stallion; It's a fine Spring Day...and the Sky is a clear blue. I love you Linda.

As Paul finished his last sentence Linda closed her eyes and gently slipped away from her mortal bonds and as she slipped away Paul looked up and smiled a quick sad smile as he saw John holding Linda's hand smiling back at him and
the kids before John set off for the horizon with Linda next to him.

John: Put it there Paulie, She's in good hands.
Linda: I'll wait for you My Love. I love you Paulie.
Paul: ::Silently:: Put it there. ::Smiles and holds Linda in his arms::

Linda McCartney's journey as Mother, Wife, Artist, and Crusader finally came to an all to early end on April 17, 1998. May her soul Rest In Peace up in the place we call Heaven untill the time Her and Paul are reunited again.


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