Chapter One:
The Beginning

February 9th 1981 NY, NY, USA

     Yoko Ono wasn't one for surprises and this was definitely a surprise. Two months after John's death she found out that she was pregent again. She knew she couldn't take care of it now with the pain that she was feeling after John's death not to mention the problems she was having with her step-son. Her doctor told her there was an experimental choice to freeze the baby till she felt she could care for it but she may lose it. She felt that it was better if she took this then putting the baby though all of this

Same Day London England

     George and Olivia Harrison had given birth to their second son two days before. They had named him after his father and decided to hide him from the forces of the still present Beatlemania that had lasted and grown stronger since John's death. They felt that they needed to do this because they didn't want their son to be constenly invaded by cameras and microphones.

April, 19, 1984

     Jason had married his wife Sara the year before. Now they had their first son. He was named Ritche after his paternal grandfather. Like the Harrisons they decided to hide him away from the media although not the world. neither couple wanted to do that. They just felt that their children didn't need to be hounded.

December 20th, 1984
Yoko Ono's Christmas Party

     "Paul? called Yoko to the mean standing beside the window.
     "Yes, Yoko?' he said as he turned to face her and a young women. She had long black hair and brown eyes. To Paul she looked Hispanic.
     "I would like to introduce you to one of my office girls, Kayoko Cordoba. She is from Tyoko." Paul smiled at the young women. He had been convinced by his wife Linda to come here without her and the fact that Yoko had invited some beautiful women to the party eased the pain of not having Linda there. Never did he guess that this one would be causing him allot of trouble.

Later that month

     Gloria Franchesica looked up as her boyfriend ofsix years walked in the door of their flat. She had been living with him since his 17th Birthday and he had bought this flat. She hadn't planed to stay it was just that she ended up falling asleep on his couch and never leaving. She had officially moved in that december. They had returned home from his fathers funeral in New York and he had looked so sad she went over and kissed him. Some how they made it up to his bedroom and seemed no use in moving out after that. Four years later they were still together and going strong. Neither of their parents knew that they had been sleeping together and her parents didn't think she even shared a flat with him but one of her friends. If they found out the truth her parents would either die of shock and and disbelief or they would force him to marry her. She loved him and he loved her back but they both knew that he wasn't ready for that commitment. She knew he was really just afraid of the whole marriage thing. She had found that soon after meeting him. They had met when her high school had taken a trip to New York for the English classes. She had seen him sitting on the stairs of one of the museums and started to talk to him. They had met before when his father had been filming a film in her city in Spain. They had been very young then.
     "Hello Julian"
     "Hello Glorie" Gloria had always liked his nickname for her. Today he sounded upset for some reason. He sat down on the couch beside her and she moved over and put her head on his shoulder and wraped her hands around him. she looked up at him.
     "What's wrong?"
     "To tell you the truth I don't know wither to be overjoyed, Upset, or indifferent about this"
     "About what Jules?" she hoped it wasn't about them. Julian started to tell her about the phone call his mum had received from his step-mother.

October 1985.

     Cynthia had agreed to help Yoko. Why she still did not know. Yoko had found out that since she had already gone though Menopause, she couldn't have the baby she was supposed to have in 1981. She come to Cynthia and asked her to be the surrogate mother. She had agreed under one condition, she got to help raise the baby. Now 8 months along, she was wondering if she had done the right thing. She know she couldn't turn back now. Julian had finally gotten accustomed to the fact that he would be a big brother to another baby and Sean wanted to have another sibling. The fact that he was 10 years older didn't matter to him.
     Paul was having another child which had surprised everyone. It wasn't the fact that he was having another one, it was the fact that He had had an affair and his Mistress was the one who was pregnent. Linda was mad at first but then felt sorry for the baby. Kayoko (Pauls one-time girlfriend) never wanted children and refused to take care of one.
     Linda had decided to adopt the baby. She and Cynthia had been sitting on day discussing names for their new children (Cynthia chose John Winstin Jr. if it was a boy and Rebecca Marie if it was a girl-- Linda had decided to name it Brian Christopher if it was a boy and hadn't decided on a girls name) when Cynthia started to go into labor.  About Midnight she gave birth to a boy. the doctors argued among themselves on his date of birth. More people believed he had been born after midnight so he was put down as being born on October 9th 1985. His brothers were happy. To Sean it was the greatest Birthday gift he could get and Julian Just liked the idea of having a baby brother again after not being around Sean allot when he was a baby
     Two months later Paul and Linda had their baby born. It was called Cynthia Michelle( they were going to give her Yoko's name as a middle name but she told them not to and chose Michelle instead). Little did everyone know that Georgie, Richie, John, and Cynthia were to become Atlantica. That now all the members of what was to be called the greatest multimedia group ever had been born.

Chapter two


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