Chapter Two
almost nine years later
     Johnny  looked up at his mom. They were on a flight to London. John had always liked England and he loved spending time with his Mum or his brother. when he was at his brothers he spent most of his time with his brother's girlfriend Gloria who John called Lori.  When he was young he had trouble pronouncing G and always heard Jules (his Brother) call her Glorie and tried to call her the same but it ahd always come out Lori so it stick and he continued to call her that. He also liked england because his Best friend Stasi McCartney lived there. She had been his friend since before he could remember. He know that their fathers had once worked together but he didn't know what that was that they did. something about the fab beetles. Why beetles would be fab he would never know. Anastasia (who he called Stasi) had liked his father the best of them. She had always known them better but then again her father was still there to tell her about it. His father had died before he was born and he never met him but Paul, Uncle Ringo, and Uncle George had always told him stories about his father and how he had always been the funny one and all, but it still was nothing like having his father there to show him everything. The closest he had was his brothers Sean and Julian. Julian was 22 years older then him and had always tried his best to fill his fathers shoes for his younger brothers. Stasi had joked that he had a lot of practice being a father. Julian had always wanted kids but he said he wasn't ready to have them yet. Lori agreed with him.
     "Mom, why did you say we were going to London again?" Yoko looked at her youngest son. He was starting to look just like his father even at the age of eight. He had black hair that right now was the bull cut but usually was  a mop top like hair cut. He was already well on his way to being tall. He was 4'7" now and was constantly growing. The only thing that was different between him and his brothers was the fact that he had blue eyes. Neither John nor Yoko had had any blue eyes in their families so they had assumed that when they were doing the switch that Johnny had received some of Cynthia's genetics. Johnny had always called them both his mother only Yoko was 'mom' and Cynthia was 'mum'. She sighed at the fact that her son was turning out to be a little more like Cynthia then her but Yoko was all right with it. She also noticed the influence of her step-son on Johnny. He was more quiet then Sean and more mature then Sean was at his age. Julian had been the same way.
     "We are going to help some of your Dad's friends make a record. You'll get to see Stasi there because Paul is bringing her too."
     "That's good that I have someone to talk to. Do you think she'll be mad at me for skipping grades in school?" John was really smart and had been able to skip more then a few grades. He sucked up the information he was given at a faster pace then kids his own age. they had taken a school year and taught him the information for each grade he skipped in about four weeks each and he was now in 11th grade. He always wondered why he was the only nine year old studying Algebra two. Stasi had been that way too and was in the same grade. Paul and Yoko had been discussing sending them to the same school so they could be together. Ritchie and George were slightly ahead of their age too. Ritchie was now almost 11 and George was 14. They were also in 11th grade. Why this generation had become so smart no one know (Stasi in particular... Paul was never one to use his brain that everyone was sure he had to have somewhere hidden). All were really good friends.
     "No I don't think she will... remember she did too. She just got a guitar, did you know that?" John's face lit up. He had been playing his guitar since he was 5 when Julian had started to teach him. Stasi had wanted one too but never asked her father( she was never one to ask for anything). John was now as good as Julian if not better and Stasi wanted him to teach her if she ever got one. Now that she had one he could do that.
     Stasi was having that dream again. She was standing outside a large building. It was cold, so she knew it was winter. "You know," he said, "You have Kaleidoscope eyes, Princess." He stood next ot her. She had no idea who he was but he was always in her dreams, including this one.
     "Who are you?" she asked the man. He was taller then her and was wearing a white turtleneck shirt and a suit. He had slightly long hair, somewhat like the hair cut her Father wore. He looked at her an smiled. She always felt safe when he was around. This was the first time she had said anything to him and he had been in her dreams since she was born.
     "I am John". That was all he would say. then the scary part came. A man in a black trench coat holding what looked like a record came out of the shadows. A man that looked like John, only not wearing white, came in a car and parked it. He got out of his car with a young women who looked familiar to Stasi. They were all smiles. She wished he could yell to the man to get back in the car and drive away, But whenever she went to speck nothing came out of her lips. At that moment She heard shots coming from the trench coated man. Stasi couldn't help but scream. Tears started to fall down her face. This time she looked at John. Then she knew. It was him. He wanted her to see how he died. But her tears continued to fall like waterfalls down her checks. She ran to the John who was shot and tried to help him. He never saw her. She screamed his name and told him not to die. He couldn't die again. He couldn't hear her. It was too late.
     "Stasi, luv  wake up! It is just a dream!" She could faintly hear her brother's voice . She had been screaming. Jamie held her as she cried into his shoulder. She kept  yelling,
    "DON'T DIE!!" and Jamie had no idea how to help her. Their parents ran into the room and rushed to their young daughter.
     "Dad!" Stasi grabbed on to Paul and held on.  "He died again. He left me."
     "Who, Princess, who?"
     "Johnny. The man shot Johnny." Paul looked at his wife Linda. They had never told her about John Lennon's death but since she was three she had been having nightmares that she had been there when he had been shot. It scared her to death. Why did she have all these dreams.  "He called me the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes Daddy. What does that mean?" Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. John had written that song. Why was in the dream? it hadn't been in there before

 Chapter Three

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