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Below is from IMDb. Any corrections should be sent to Beth.
Beth's Correction: Ringo is also the Father of Jason Starkey. Any other Bio may be sent to Beth but must have a web address or author to give credit to.

5' 8"
Barbara Bach (27 April 1981 - present)
'Maureen Starkey Tigrett' (11 February 1965 - 17 July 1975) (divorced); 3 children


Former Drummer with the Beatles (1962-1970)

Tours with group "Ringo Starr's All Starrs"

Father of Zak Starkey (with Maureen), a featured drummer with the Who and daughter, Lee Starkey.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame as a member of the Beatles January 20, 1988.

He was not the original drummer for the Beatles. He replaced Pete Best after Best was fired by the other band members.

He was the oldest in age to be a member of the Beatles, and the last to join the group, technically making him both the oldest and youngest "Beatle".

Fully convinced the fame of the Beatles would be short-lived, he sent large amounts of money to his aunt to deposit in a bank account while he was on tour with the band. His intention was to start a hair dressing salon once the Beatles faded from public memory. To this day, he is known to be savvy with his finances, and even appeared in a TV commercial for an investment consulting service.

Is left-handed, though he plays drums right-handed.

Appointed an MBE in 1965.

Though McCartney is the most successful ex-Beatle, Ringo actually had more solo US Top ten hits. (McCartney performed most of his Top Tens with Wings).

Born and grew up in the Dingles section of Liverpool, England.

Attended St. Silas School and Dingles Secondary Modern School.

A single of his, "The No-No Song", was a song against drug abuse. But in a darkly ironic note, the song was banned from several radio stations because of the drug references.

Wrote the song "Octopus's Garden" while on vacation. He claims to have got the idea for the song after conversing with a chef about octopi.

In the mid 1970s he dated British singer-songwriter de Paul, Lynsey and appeared on a single she wrote for none other than Dame Lynn, Vera.

Where are they now
(2001) While he owns property in several countries, he is officially a British citizen residing in Monaco.